About Aspire Adoption

We were formed in July 2017, as a partnership of three Local Authorities coming together to form one of the first Regional Adoption Agencies in England. These were Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council and the Borough of Poole. Since April 2019 we became two local authorities, BCP Council & Dorset Council. We are working in partnership with Families for Children, a local voluntary adoption agency. Our purpose is to provide outstanding services for children and adults with links to adoption or special guardianship.

The original three Local Authorities and Families for Children had been working together for many years. Our strength in partnership only enhances the quality of the services we offer as a Regional Adoption Agency.

Are you looking to adopt?

Here at Aspire, we are keen for anyone who is considering adopting to come forward and contact us. The information on our website will answer some of your questions about adoption but we would love to talk to you personally to answer any specific questions you have and to guide you through the process. Aspire will provide you with support from the moment you contact us, through the adoption assessment, through the matching and placement of a child or children with you and in the years after an Adoption Order has been made.

Support services
Aspire offers a range of support services to all parties connected with adoption including families who have adopted, adopted adults and birth families. We also offer support services to families created through special guardianship. In addition to specialist support services, Aspire provides social events, support groups, training and contact services.

Other Services

Partner (or Step Parent) Adoption Applications and Intercountry Adoption Applications

Special Guardianship Assessments

Aspire also undertakes court directed special guardianship assessment on behalf of both Local Authorities.  In addition, Aspire can undertake special guardianship assessments where a prospective special guardian makes a direct application to the court.

Do you have a question about adoption?

Working together to deliver Aspire Adoption Services

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